February 2005 (HTML)

l   The Art of Possibility

l   2005 ThinkExperience Study Tour

l   Delivering an Unforgettable Experience…a Series by Ruth-Anne Boyd


December 2004 (HTML)

l   Jack Welch, Gary Hamel, Fred Reichheld, Jack Mitchell, Benjamin Zander…

l   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

l   Third Year Results from Hallmark’s Revolutionary Online Experiment


September 2004 (HTML)

l   Just ask Harry…that’s Harry Rosen we’re talking about

l   The user-centric design trap

l   Customer experience secrets from Ste. Anne’s spa


July 2004 (HTML)

l   Krispy Kreme: A sweet customer experience lesson

l   Consumers want a shorter path to service

l   The top 7 mistakes companies make with investment statements


May 2004 (HTML)

l   11.4% of your company’s revenue is at risk

l   Endless customers: Lessons from Harvard University

l   Retail stores: Pull up your customer experience socks

l   Happy customers equal cheaper customers


April 2004 (HTML)

l   BMW: Driving experience to a new level!

l   Are you building or destroying your brand?

l   Measuring the success of your customer experience program

l   The brand’s the thing, or is it?


March 2004 (HTML)

l   What’s love got to do with it?

l   The survey says…

l   10 ways to make your Web site more “sticky”

l   Not your run-of-the-treadmill customer experience (part 2)


February 2004 (HTML)

l   It’s a ripple effect

l   The colour of money

l   Bad experiences are like poison

l   Not your run-of-the-treadmill customer experience (part 1)


January 2004 (HTML)

l   The Dalai Lama on customer experience

l   It takes a village to build a brand

l   I really hate it when you…

l   Relationships 101


December 2003 (HTML)

l   There’s magic in the air

l   Experiencing value

l   Ten ways to get your customers to love you

l   Are you ready for the holidays?


November 2003 (HTML)

l   Survey says healthcare needs help

l   Customer service vs. customer experience

l   Why customers really leave

l   Welcome to the feelings economy


October 2003 (HTML)

l   Over 40% of companies have customer experience statements?

l   Employees must be ‘brand ambassadors’

l   Sick or aging parents?

l   Loyalty as a profit strategy (part two)


September 2003 (HTML)

l   Sharing your opinion with a click

l   Online scorecard says banks slow to answer customers

l   And they’ll tell two friends…

l   Loyalty as a profit strategy (part one)


August 2003 (HTML)

l   Don’t keep your staff in the dark

l   Welcome to the “Customer Economy”

l   Audrey and the gift: The importance of emotion (part two)

l   Is your customer experience deliberate?


July 2003 (HTML)

l   Charley Brown, Snoopy and Lucy

l   AT&T Wireless: A Letter From One of Your Exes

l   Audrey and the gift: The importance of emotion (part one)

l   Ring, ring! It’s the media calling.


June 2003 (HTML)

l   Dell does it right!

l   McDonalds provides an experience. Shouldn’t you?

l   Are you frustrating your customers?

l   Your customers are getting smarter. Are you?


March 2003 (PDF)

l   It’s more than just a gut feeling!

l   SARS: Could we have stopped the spread?

l   Creating an online media room


January 2003 (PDF)

l   When you care enough…

l   Healthcare in crisis: A web-based solution

l   Is there really a healthcare crisis?

l   Newsletters are a good read for clients


December 2002 (PDF)

l   It’s not about customer services any more

l   Your staff have the answers you need

l   Reverse your reaction

l   Casual dress gets a thumbs down


September 2002 (PDF)

l   First impressions count – really!


July 2002 (PDF)

l   It’s all about customer experience


May 2002 (PDF)

l   Your employees want to do more


March 2002 (PDF)

l   Plain language is here to stay